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Caleb Guice
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Before November 2010
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15 Aug 2014
United States
Georgia, USA
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I have been a very dedicated lego fan since around the age of 5. I am now, in 2010, 13 and have had no thoughts of giving up on legos. I once had a friend who, at the age of 11, gave up playing with legos. He said he bet I would too by that age. I disagreed, and I now love legos more than ever. I never plan to give up on legos no matter how much my friends think I'm 'childish', as one says.

My favorite sets are listed in a Bricklist. My favorite themes are the licensed themes. MY favorite of those are Star Wars, (probably the majority of my sets) Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. My favorite sets are The Temple of the Crystal Skull, Battle of Endor, and Dwarf Mine.

Visit my lego stop-motion channel, LegoC97, on Youtube. URL below.
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