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Cameron Scott
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29 Dec 2012
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30 Jan 2015
United Kingdom
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Hello there fellow Lego fans! Along with my interest in Nintendo games, food, and videos, I have a large passion for Lego. Ever since I first played with my parent's old brick shaped bucket containing bricks, I always really liked Lego. 2009 would have to be the time when I considered Lego as a hobby, and I've been with it since.

Other lego communities I am involved in include youtube, where I sometimes review sets, showcase MOCs, create BrickFilms (though I am a bit rusty with stop motion, and haven't done any in a while), etc...

I mainly like the fantasy or sci-fi themes lego has, as I like that within film, games, and other media. So themes such as Ninjago, Aliens Conquest, and Bionicle stood out, along with other themes. I also tend to get licenced sets as well, like Star Wars, the Hobbit, and others.
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