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15 May 2013
United Kingdom
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I have many Lego sets over the years, too many to remember, so not all of them will be in my collection. The first one I can remember was a 2000 LEGO Town Fire Engine. (6477)

My favourite theme is Star Wars, with City close behind. I don't have a favourite set, although if I had to choose one, it would probably be a big UCS Star Wars set.

As you can see below I used to be on, and you can see where I got my username from!
I was on MLNteam with the same username and am still currently on LegoZonePower.

When I'm older I would love to create a massive scene, like a LEGO City or Star Wars battlefield!

Update May 2013: Not been doing much with Lego recently, haven't visited Lego sties for a while, though I still love it! My time is now mainly taken up with playing an MMO game.
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