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Björn Leenen
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Before November 2010
Last online:
18 Nov 2014
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
LEGO interests:
Me AFOL? Yes!
I played with Lego since it was possible. My parents thought this was way better than Playmobil, since there involves more creativity. The playing starts with the building and not with picking up the toy. My interests are mostly the Technic-sets and some of the collector sets (which I do not own, too pricy for now). I find it interesting how someone can build stuff that detailed with square bricks. Also making systems work with predefined parts and not 'cut to need'.
A few years ago I thought Lego was making too much pre-stamped/pre-cut pieces, so with 3-10 parts you had a car, in stead of the 30 it used to have. This was not the best period of Lego, to be honest.
Since I have 2 small boys, who are fond of Duplo now, I have a good reason to play with Lego again. My mother gave me my own old sets and it looked like a ton then and it looks like half a ton now. I will clean it and start playing with my little boys when they're old enough. For now my NXT/Technic is MINE.
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