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28 Jan 2015
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Mainly Star Wars stuff. It's the one theme I'm a geek about. I like the older sets because they are just more like a Lego Set in my opinion. Not so many POOP parts. I got all of the Aquaraiders sets, but didn't like how they were discontinued. Why LEGO? The space and Water stuff interest me a bit.

And as a side note, the username has almost nothing to do with me. I brought some minifigures to school when I was 9 and was just messing around when two girls started making fun of me and called me MCLegoboy. I went onto later in life and typed in EGZ (initials) as my user name. It was taken. I thought a while and the name came in my head and it clicked. My YouTube page is LEGO themed so it counts as a LEGO site.

As of Mid-2012, I became an AFOL. Just thought you should know.
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