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Taylor Walker
Member since:
23 Jun 2011
Last online:
01 Feb 2015
United States
Seattle WA, USA
LEGO interests:
My favorite themes are Star wars, Indiana Jones, Agents, and Modular buildings. I like almost every theme except for regular city (So. many. police cars) and a few other small themes.

My first actuall LEGO set (not just a brick bucket) that I can remember was 4346 creator robo pod.

I'm a TFOL and I don't really remember when I started to like LEGOs, But I have been buying sets, and building my own ever since!

My ability to build is probably about average. I got a lot of star wars when I first started collecting, so I'm mostly good at building star fighters :P. But I'm advancing in other areas now too. I have also never built any HUGE models, but that is mostly because I lack the resources.
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