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Tanner Hayden
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Before November 2010
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13 Mar 2012
United States
Indiana, USA
LEGO interests:
I got my very first Lego set in 2001 or 2002, The Mini Dump Truck. Then I got a few more, like my four Alpha Team sets and was fortunate enough to get a LOM set in some Quaker oats :D
And while I got a few more sets after that, I can't really say that I was a true Lego fan until 2007. I latched on to Aquaraiders, Marsmission, Castle, and Exo-Force and started on an awesome journey.

My favorite themes are Exo-Force, Alpha Team, Rock raiders, Bionicle and Hero factory. But of course there were times when I was hooked other themes like Power Miners, Agents and Atlantis. I am currently really looking forward to Lego Super Heroes, coming next year.

I'm Fourteen years old and a Christian. And I plan to be building for many more years to come.

I think I should explain something. In my collection, it says I have sets that are even older than me. These sets: Recon Robot, Pizza To Go, Pohatu, Nuhvok, Whenua, Toa Hordika Nokama, Toa Hewkii and all of the books were bought much later. Usually online. Also, the only video game bought about the same year as its release was Lego Star Wars for Xbox. The rest were either passed down to me from my brother or were bought much later.

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