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25 Nov 2010
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26 Jan 2015
Winnipeg, Canada
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Greetings to Brickset and all Brickset users, I am Odeinoichus.

And I figured it's high time I cleared up this here profile message, because it's been the same for pretty much three years now. I am an AFOL with numerous interests in LEGO, way too many Themes catch my eye and I'll buy when I can afford them or find them. I'm a rotational collector, which means that I buy LEGO pretty much around the holidays and ocassionally new items like games or books during other parts of the year, but my hobbies extend beyond LEGO and so from month to month I tend to be collecting different things.

Currently I am beginning to find myself obsessed with Polybags, meaning I'm going to be prowling around my area for some local finds. I'm also big on reviewing all products I pick up, to the point where I've somehow managed to become a Trusted Gold Reviewer on the site. (But I have been told that some of my reviews ramble on a bit, so I'm trying to avoid those problems.)

Well, that's all. Thanks for looking at this Profile and remember, May the Brick be With You.
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