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Rodney Preston
Member since:
Before November 2010
Last online:
31 Jan 2015
LEGO interests:
[email protected]
City mainly but collect all sorts.
First sets 310,340,510 all basic bricks then a huge collection of about 100 sets rangeing from city,castle,space,technic,road plates etc etc. from a house sale.
Never had Lego as a child ,only started collecting when i was about 23 and still collecting at 49 .
No Lego communities in Zimbabwe so rely on internet for news (still on dial up,so very frustrating)
Lego was not available through toy shops etc in Zim for many years,so all my sets were bought in UK via family or in South Africa .Lego has been available for about 2 years now BUT at inflated prices .eg ;my last 2 sets 7938 Passenger Train US$275 and 7939 Cargo Train US$425 so i have to choose very carefully or wait to go on holiday to SA or UK. No online ordering either as duties and freight are too expensive.!!
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