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David Lee
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Before November 2010
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09 Mar 2014
United States
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My name is David, and I have been an enthusiast of the LEGO hobby for my entire life. I am always eager to see the work others have done and to learn more about this fascinating hobby.

Apart from Duplo kits, I received my first bucket of system bricks at four years old in 1999, which was 4128 XL Value Bucket. My first actual LEGO set was 6453 Com-Link Cruiser, and I still have it intact to this day (even if it is worn out by play and time). Since my introduction to the LEGO toy over a decade ago, I have remained a very avid enthusiast of the hobby we all know and love.

My main goal as a LEGO enthusiast is to do my best to help spread the notion that LEGO is so much more than a toy to be discarded at puberty. LEGO is the medium through which I speak through, a voice spoken by inanimate plastic bricks. The versatility and possibilities of a single LEGO brick are infinite. It is a commonly cited fact that six identical 2x4 eight stud bricks can be put together in 915,103,765 ways - imagine what people can do with all the bricks and pieces that have been released over the decades, and of course, with their vast imaginations.

I am known as -R8- on the Internet. On Brickset I am one of the Eurobricks review administrators.

In addition to MOCing, I also do set reviews on Eurobricks. You can access them either through links on my review videos on Youtube or by searching my username on Eurobricks.

Please take a look and enjoy the work I have done over the years, and feel free to post comments or constructive criticism. Most importantly, keep building!
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