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I was a huge fan of Castle and Pirates growing up in the 90s, but right after the Wild West theme I fell into a Dark Ages. That lasted until late 2010 when the last Harry Potter sets came out (I naturally missed all of the other HP sets). I have been collecting ever since, but mostly just Licensed themes. I love seeing people on the big screen made into minifigure form.

My favorite themes are Harry Potter, Super Heroes and the Middle Earth sets. It is awesome that LEGO has these great licenses now, I just wish they'd add in more variety of figures for me. I liked licenses like Lone Ranger and Pirates of the Caribbean because of the great printing on the figures, but they wouldn't be considered favorites.

My favorite set as a child: Black Knight's Castle. The summer of 2011 I sorted my pieces and put it back together. It still is one of the best LEGO castles to date.

My favorite set as an adult: This is a little trickier. My top 3 in no particular order:
Haunted House. I love the Dollhouse style. I loved Monster movies as a kid, so this hit home for me.
Imperial Flagship: I love Pirate ships and this one was amazing. A great send off to a theme I missed.
Fire Brigade: It started my love affair for Modular building. It will always hold that special place.
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