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02 Jan 2011
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28 Nov 2014
New Zealand
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Favourite themes
VIKING/ CASTLE / POTTER === Viking was the theme that first caught my eye as an AFOL, and it's still one of my favourites - Fun and historical. I'm loving the recent direction of Kingdoms, and will miss potter when it's gone, especially after diagon alley.

'WORLDY' sets === By these I mean sets based on travelling: Prince of persia/ Orient Expedition/ Pirates Islanders / Indiana Jones all fit into this category for me, along with large scale buildings I guess. I enjoy these sets as much as I enjoy real travel and they look great when displayed together.

MODULAR === I love these, who doesn't? It's the AFOL standard for a reason, I now have the same street as everyone else :) Baaaaaaa!

CITY/ CREATOR BUILDINGS ==== Really like some of these, although City as a whole are a bit mixed. Particularly like the Creator residential houses.

TECHNICS === I like MoC-ing remote control cars, just because they're fun.

MONORAIL == Massive fan, yet to integrate it into my Lego town.

TRAINS === Love the new ones, not wild on the older ones. They do tend to take over a bit though space-wise. Still wishing for a new high speed train to be released in 2012. (EDIT ... Ha! My dream came true ... well, one day out anyway .. horizon express here we come!)


If you were stranded on a desert island with only one set, which would you choose?
The unimog would keep me busy for a nice long time.

What set do you have the fondest memory of?
I dont have fond memories of sets actually, just MoCs.

What set do you think you've logged the most play hours with?
8297 Technics off-Roader mainly cos its so darn complicated and intriguing to mess with.

What set do you regard as the most beautiful set?
10217 Diagon Alley

If you had to choose one set to give to someone to make them a fan of LEGO, which would you choose?
6285 Black Seas Barracuda - attractive but simple.

And in spite of all those selections, I would probably prefer this set over any of them on any given day:
10191: Medieval Market Village


I'm not very active at events and stuff at the moment (or at building up my own lego city) as I'm doing a lot of work on the house - and wrestling 2 young kids.
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