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I have been a LEGO fan for next to forever. I've been collecting since age six and haven't stopped yet. I believe my first official LEGO set was:

I still don't know where the little guy's head is, though. :P

Anyway, since then, I have accumulated a whole lot of sets, Star Wars and otherwise. Some of the major ones are and

In case you happen to be wondering about the username, I am the same Skywalker1966 as the guy on I'm active on LEGO Universe Roleplay, and somewhat on the Classics Forum.

My favorite LEGO theme currently is the Winter Village theme. Even though only one set is released each year, I always enjoy the cool colors and building techniques used. Also, I'm a bit nostalgic and love Christmastime. I like the lights, the warmth, how everyone just seems to put the world's problems behind them, if only for season, and how the world seems to return to a simpler time... The Winter Village sets just embody what I look for with LEGO.

In general, I tend to like a little bit of everything. Sci-Fi's probably got the top spot, but I've also tried my hand at some castle/fantasy building. It's definitely fun, and allows for creating great environments and buildings with varied styles.
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