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Call me Starwarsgeek500. If you wanna know my real name, forget it.
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Before November 2010
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12 Aug 2014
United States
The Planet Legoia, or whichever country has the best SW sales
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By far my favorite theme is Star Wars, which, unless you're a total idiot, you figured out from my username. I have a rather large collection of clones and droids that frequently mutilate each other during the weekend. I have a tendency to take sets and customize them (For example, the Republic Attack Gunship now is a gunship for ARC troopers) In all likelihood, I will never go into the 'Dark Ages' (DUM DUM DUM). I'm to young to be active in any Lego communities though. My major source of huge Lego sets? My grandparents.

This will probably surprise a lot of people, but I collect Halo Megabloks sets. I've been doing it since 2011, and I'm hooked. There really is nothing wrong with them except for a tad of over-specialization with the guns.
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Shelves of bricks? check my room.
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the lighting here is crappy, does that count?
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Why would I mock something I like?
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