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01 Feb 2012
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29 Jan 2015
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I'm a Lego Star Wars collector, besides collecting I like to play and built with my Lego.

Since I was very young, I played with Lego Duplo, and at the age of three I got my first real Lego set (6665 river runners). It didn't took all that long before I got my first Star Wars set. My father also likes Star Wars so he bought me 7101 lightsaber duel at the time.

After many years of liking Lego and playing with Lego with friends, many friends stopped playing with it, so me, my brother and a friend left as only kfols. I was not very far away from the dark ages, untill I got at the end of my first year at secondary school the 10188 Death Star. that set really kept me being kfol, actually tfol at the time.

Also, since a year before I got the DS, I started being exhibitor on Lego World, a dutch event similar to afolcon, I think. I exhibited for five years in a row now, I think.

Once up on a time I was looking on youtube for fun Lego movies, I think it was in november 2008, I suddenly found images of new Lego sets of 2009. I really liked those sets, so I kept searching for those images for years. I discovered many new sites, including Brickset. I joined brickset in februari 2012. nowadays, I almost check daily sites like Brickset, Hothbricks (though I can't speak french :( ), fbtb, and Eurobricks.

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