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Jack Reeves
Member since:
27 Jan 2011
Last online:
07 Jul 2011
United States
Vermont, USA
LEGO interests:
I love all LEGO themes, except for Technic, Duplo, and Spongebob. I really like Star Wars and I'm really excited for the new sets coming this year. I for some reason find myself liking smaller themes that only last 1-2 years, like Agents, Power Miners, and Atlantis. I also like this new NinjaGo theme, I'm not much for the game but the sets have some interesting things. My favorite set is probably the Death Star, the one with all the minifigs, not 'Death Star II'. It has some really cool features and a very fun build.

I have seen all the pictures of upcoming 2011 sets and am really excited for Alien Conquest, POTC, and all the new waves for current themes. The only thing about the 2011 sets are the price, so I have to be buying less of them. Anyways, 2011 looks great and I'm looking forward to 2012... I mean 2012 in LEGOs, not the world ending.

I really didn't have my 'dark ages', I found out about LEGO some years ago for the first time and I thought that they were actually really cool! I first started with Bionicle and grew out of it slowly, I can't remember what my first System set was, a Star Wars probably. As a said above, I like most every theme now and hope that more and more come out in the next few years.
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