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19 Jan 2015
Saskatchewan, CANADA
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One day back when I was around 13 or 14, I walked into a Toys"R"us with my grandmother while my dad was across the street browsing a local Canadian Tire. I walked through the Lego section, having not recieved or played with a Lego set in many years, and quickly spotted the top portion of a large Lego box. Noticing my intrigue, a helpful employee got the Lego set down from the top storage shelf so I could see what it was. I fell in love with the (6211) Imperial Star Destroyer at first sight, and at the time, I'd never held a Lego set so impressive before. My grandmother offered/insisted to buy me the set, and so she purchased it and gave it to me while my father was still away. Needless to say, when my dad got back, he wasn't happy.

I think after seeing the Star Destroyed assembled on the floor at home, my dad got that 'AFOL spark' too. There were times when I was in highschool and remember boxes upon boxes coming through the front door. It was one set after another, thousands of dollars invested in my hobby, and a collection which spread through the entire house (much to my mother's plight). As I got older I tried to carry my own weight financially, which is partly the reason why I'm an aggressive bargain hunter. Yes, Lego is expensive as both a toy and a hobby. I treat every dollar I put into my collection as an investment, and hope to get a full return on it one day when I decide to sell my Lego.

As of March 2014 I'm 21 years old. I recently moved from BC to Saskatchewan (yes, there's probably a Lego brick lodged in my brain somewhere), and I had to pack up my entire collection to do so. That was a learning opportunity for me, because I got to look at every Lego purchase I ever made and ask myself; "Did I really need that?"

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