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09 Oct 2011
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12 Jan 2015
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I'm a massive LEGO fan and have been since I was a child. I remember having a red bucket with bricks in but the first set I was so excited to receive one Christmas was the 6482 Rescue Helicopter with 'light & sound'. What a set!
I remember the last set I bought was the Fire Breathing Fortress 6082 in 1993, which is still to this day one of my favourites ever made. With a wizard, a dragon, secret doors, a prison, booby traps and a TRAP DOOR, the playability was endless and inspiring.
After that I stopped playing with it and started the 'growing up' process.
Last year however (at the tender age of 25) I rediscovered my box of LEGO in the loft with only one set of instructions available to me. The Fortress. I rebuilt it brick by brick and wanted to know what other sets I had as a child. Through the medium of online help I started to familiarise myself with Peeron, Brickset and others in order to work out the pieces I had and what they could build. I essentially reubuilt my childhood which is a very weird yet nostalgic thing to do if you have the patience. After this I discovered the amazing power it had to still capture the imagination I had as a child and bring me the joy that minifigures always carried with them. After a visit to LegoLand in July I discovered new sets and started to become "addicted". No let's face it. I am addicted! We all are.
In the last year I have probably learnt more about the history of Lego than anything I learnt at school. I have used Bricklink to replace missing parts and purchase shiny new sets which LEGO seem to be making at an astonishing rate. I also love the fact that their toys are only getting better with time as are the minifigures.
That's my story in a brief synopsis. I can't wait to see what else the future holds...
My favourite themes are many but I love the old early 90s sets from town, pirate and castle. I didn't have all the sets I wanted at the time, but I'm finally making up for it.
As for recent models, I love the Winter Village series, Superheros, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and many of the City sets. I'm hoping to eventually get more of the bigger models that are more challenging (both on the wallet and the mind) in order to work on stop motion set pieces.
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