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Michael Thomas
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Before November 2010
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29 Jan 2015
United States
Minnesota, USA
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I was a LEGO Maniac as a kid... After I graduated from University in May 2007, I had about a month off before I started my new job. I was bored one day and found one of my many boxes of LEGO bricks I had stored in the basement. Over the next 2 weeks I worked to re-build as many of my old sets as I could. Over the next 3-4 months I began purchasing any missing pieces on bricklink. In early Spring I bought a huge lot of Bricks at a Silent Auction which included some awesome sets (mostly pre-1990 Space and Town sets: 6990, 6972, 7722, 6392, 6396, and 4030 just to name a few) and a bunch of vintage (~Pre-1970) LEGO bricks, which was cool. That find sparked off a new obsession/addiction, LEGO Trains...
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