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01 Jun 2011
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30 Jan 2015
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As a kid I had mostly Town, Space (Classic Space, Blacktron, M-Tron & Futuron), Castle (Wolfpack, Forestmen & Black Knights) and Pirates Lego sets. Recently, I like the City, Kingdoms, Superheroes, and some Ninjago styles. The new sets seem much more complicated and well designed than some of the sets I had as a kid. I try to buy sets on sale (it is too expensive otherwise!). My favorite sets from my childhood are the Black Seas Barracuda, Eldorado Fortress, Wolfpack Tower, Med-Star Rescue Plane, Alienator, and Solar Power Transporter. Current sets that I really like are the King's Castle, Earth Defense HQ, Tripod Invader, Seabed Strider, Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape, Superman vs. Power Armor Lex, Woverine's Chopper Showdown, Dirt Bike Transporter and Public Transport Station. I got back into LEGO when my dad found my old sets from when I was a child.
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