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22 Feb 2012
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31 Jan 2015
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Spokane, WA
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I have been a fan of LEGO since 1984, there was a time I didn't collect LEGO, and my old sets were cannibalized by my nieces and nephews... (those years were my dark ages) Even while I wasn't actively collecting LEGO, I was still disappointed that all my old sets were destroyed :-(

During my college years I was on a beans & rice diet, so LEGO of course was out of the question. The dark ages only lasted a few years from about 1998 to 2001, then I started collecting again.

Today I have 100's of sets, and have created a YouTube channel (BrickSpy) to show them off :-)

I love Brickset's inventory feature, and I have also found my old sets and put them in my "want" category... Some day I will replace them all (if my funds hold out... LOL)
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