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14 Dec 2011
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01 Feb 2015
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I enjoy Star Wars; more for the sets than the minifigures as I grow older. Sadly LEGO seem to be advancing in completely the opposite direction, as minifigure quality improves but set quality (on the whole) deteriorates - at least for those sets at the smaller price points. On the whole, the SW series seems to have peaked around 2006 - but we do have another 10 years of the stuff yet to come, so who knows.

Oh, and I love the modulars.

Other themes I have enjoyed over the years include the first few waves of Bionicle, Adventurers (particularly Dino Island), Indiana Jones, Fantasy Era Castle, Speed Racer, Rock Raiders, etc.

I look forward to the day when Jabba's Sail Barge is brought back, though I dread to think how much it may cost...
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