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Daniel C. (Duh. :P)
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Before November 2010
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27 Jan 2015
United States
Tennessee, USA
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I've been a fan of lego since I was four or five years old, when a friend got me 6331 Patriot Jet as a gift. I've bought kits from a wide variety of themes, including Town/City, Castle, Pirates, Star Wars, Bionicle, and Exo-Force. Currently, I am not purchasing any new lego sets, as my collection fills pretty much my entire room, but I am instructing my youngest brother in the art of lego collecting. :P

I've been a mildly active member of BZPower since 2004, and an active member of Eurobricks since a couple of years ago. I equally love sets from both the Classic Era and the modern era, and I couldn't even begin to tell you what my favorite set is.

One more thing - I am generally not against Megabloks or other clone brands as long as the set ideas are original, but I AM against shoddy quality, which has long been the standard of most clone brands.
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