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27 Jan 2015
United States
New York, USA
LEGO interests:
After a childhood of playing with LEGO for weeks on end, I grew out of them and left them for my younger brother. When my wife became pregnant and I was entering the toy arena once more, I looked into buying some LEGO sets to put away for when he was older - I became hooked once more! I now buy sets for both my son and myself (although I find I do not have the endless hours that I did as a child). I usually keep my sets in their boxes, but I buy a second set and give it to my son if I really want to play with it (I know that he will open it). My one regret is that we now have so many LEGO pieces that it is impossible to find the ones that I am looking for.

My favorite themes (in no particular order)"
Heroica (I really love customizing adventures and making new rules/characters)
Star Wars
Space Police
Bionicles and Hero Factory (especially the more creature-like figures)
Collectable Minifigures
Life on Mars
Pharaoh's Quest
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