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William Venner
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22 Jan 2015
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Lately, since I want to be able to get all the sets I want realistically, I've cut down my interests so they are now just:Harry Potter, Hero Factory, Bionicle, City, and a few more SW sets, just for Nostalgia's sake, then I'm done with the theme, the prices are ridiculous nowadays.

My all-time favorite set has got to be the Medieval market village. Need I say more? :P

I'm also a member of BZPower(My current display name is GORDON FREECHMAN, but if I change it it will probably be Element Lord of Milk, which I normally am known as), and I was a member of eurobricks until I got banned.

This is my review for LU that wouldn't go through the review system:

So last month I bought this game off of Lego Shop at home, I was excited for it, and when it finally came it surpassed my expectations vastly.

when i started playing it, the installation went smoothly, and there was an EXTREMELY epic opening cutscene.

The selection of digital bricks is vaster than probably any living person's collection(Except possibly a VERY select few). But the actual building is somewhat problematic, but overall okay.(But i think that your Model bag should have limitless space like the brick bag)

The main gameplay is entertaining, and they worked out many of the glitches in the latest patch, most of the time it always feels like you're making progress, but the Pets' AI is somewhat poor, and occasionally enemies turn invincible, wich is annoying(This mainly happens with Nuckal).

The chat is. . . . . . . . .Okay, but some of the words that are blocked really shouldn't be(Seriously, they even block "Wich" and numbers).

The story is also surprisingly good, and the game can get pretty epic at parts.

Graphics and music are fantastic, Graphics have a certain amount of realism, but still retain a Legoish feeling, the music is some of the best Video game music I've ever heard, honestly, it's amazing.

Overall, it's a very good game, and any hardcore Lego fan should check it out(Especially since it's at a fantastic price on the lego site right now)


And THIS is my review for the CMF Tennis player which ALSO wouldn't go through because the system thought I hadn't entered my review even when I had(Same as with the LU Review)

My mom picked this up for me yesterday at shopper's drug mart(I wasn't there, so she picked one at random. I was hoping for the elf or samurai, but this is good). and it's an okay fig, and I imagine it would fit in nicely with City figs.

Building experience: It's a single minifig, what do you expect?

Parts: The tennis racquet is cool(Though i can't really say anything about accuracy to a real one, as I don't play tennis =P )and the hair is awesome, the new prints are also superb, especially since the legs have side printing(only a little bit of color, but still). The torso's printing in particular is very nice(*Ahem*)and the face is great, definitely a nice change from the generic City figs' female face(Note how there is no plural involved). The base is also nice to have a second of. Shame the back has no printing though(But what would it have been anyway? some wrinkles and a bit of neck?)

Playability: It's alright, but on it's own you can't really do anything except pose the fig. But if you even have just another CMF(The ringmaster from series 2 is the only other CMF I own)then you can have a bit of fun(It was quite amusing to have her beat the living snot out of the poor Ringmaster with her tennis Racquet =P ).

Value for money: It's a single minifig for $4(CAD)but, it's a GOOD minifig, so I guess it's okay for the price.

Overall: I'd say get it if you want to have a complete collection or if you like the fig, whatevs.


I have become a fan of Mega Bloks(Shock and awe)so if anyone knows the name of any good MB forum, contact me on BZPower.

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