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Lennie Floodgate
Member since:
12 Nov 2011
Last online:
01 Feb 2015
United Kingdom
London uk
LEGO interests:
I was brought out of my dark ages when I got my daughter (then 10) the creator family house and city limo and helicopter for xmas in 2010.

I love creator range esp the houses! In fact I love detail building whatever the theme.

My daughter and I collect city mostly but we have a bit of everything,
We love the monster fighters range at the moment, and one day i will have the haunted house one day!

I like the friends theme but some of it abit girlie for me (and dino jr)

I recovered my old collection of lego from my parents loft, its mostly fabuland, some space and other set passed down from big brothers and cousins.

My favourite sets would have to be the MMV just love the detail and it can be added to so many types of layout. Mine is part of my winter village and looks perfect re-roofed in white.
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