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J. Hill
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Before November 2010
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09 Nov 2014
United States
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My first set was 6061 Siege Tower, though my older brothers had already had a tub of Legos that were mostly City with a little space thrown in. I can't remember a time before Legos. The first thing I remember building is a set of stairs, sort of, that my brother taught me how to build.

I was hooked. By 8 or so I ws saving my allowance mostly for legos. I'd sell greeting cards from a catologue in the spring and fall, and save birthday and christmas money, mostly for Legos. I had 3 christmasses in a row that I got a couple sets in a common theme. One year was Pirate, the next Castle, the next Space. Those were the best christmasses I can remember, building underneath the tree.

By 10, I could spend whole weekends having adventures at my Lego table.

( I gotta finish this bio later, outta time.)
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