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11 Mar 2012
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30 Jan 2015
Zwolle, The Netherlands
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Hello, I'm an AFOL from The Netherlands.

I started with LEGO when I was about six years old. For my seventh birthday in 1968 I got the Starter Train Set with Motor #116. I remember well that it had cost my parents 25 Dutch guilders which was a large amount of money at that time. It equals about US$ 80 in 2012.
From the age of 6 to 14, LEGO was the only thing I played with. Then I thought it was too childish to play with it any longer and I stored my collection -with pain in my heart- into a large box.

In October 2011 (at the age of 50) I bought my first LEGO Technic set (8065) and soon after a couple of other Technic sets. It was an extreme pleasure building all those sets and I found that it was very therapeutic... it calmed me down after a hard days work. To make a long story short: after buying five Technic sets I realised that although they were fun to build I had no relationship with cars/trucks/cranes. What to do after the build? Riding them over the floor?

Then I I bought a Star Wars sets and... I was completely lost.
Not only building was great fun but there's also a story to every set.
Still I haven’t seen the complete SW Saga on film/dvd, I only saw some parts. The complete DVD set now costs quit a lot of money but it’s on my wish list.

I'm enjoying brickset very much and the discovery of so many other LEGO websites and the build & review movies on YouTube are much of a surprise for me. I'm not the only adult who loves LEGO!!
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