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Edward Carding-Moorhouse
Member since:
Before November 2010
Last online:
22 Jan 2015
United Kingdom
Cheshire, England
LEGO interests:
i want lego sets to expand my town. i love harry potter it is the best thing since sliced bread, i have been a OFFICAL LEGO CLUB member since i first went to Legoland winsor when at the gates they asked if i wanted to join the club and i said yes. i have to use all me sets to make a lego town called the Lego Town With No Name or LTWNN for short in my bedroom i think it's nick name will be Edward Town after the frist king lego me! which is going to grow and grow. and it's now got a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lego-Town-With-No-Name/429002295260?v=app_2373072738#/pages/Lego-Town-With-No-Name/429002295260?v=wall i'm 15. i am a big fan of city, harry potter, res q, indiana jones and castle.
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