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You can just call me "Freeze"
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Before November 2010
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25 Dec 2012
United States
Colorado USA
LEGO interests:
One of my favorite themes is Pirates, although I only have a few sets from the original theme and 2 from the newer theme.
Another favorite is Bionicle, the sets for which were (sadly) discontinued in 2010.

I do have a ID, and have had one since 2005. My username is the same there as here: freeze992.

I had been following the development of LEGO Universe since about 2006 or 2007. However, I was disappointed by the fact that LU was rated E10+ by ESRB, when LEGO's original goal was for LU to be suitable for people ages 8 and up. Consequently, I never actually purchased the game. I wish they would try again with creativity at the core.
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