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25 Oct 2012
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26 Jan 2015
United States
LEGO interests:
I am an active member of my Local Lug and a proponent of Cuusoo.

The approximate date for my transition back to a serious user of Lego was late 2007 with the release of the Aero Booster...

Theme specialty:

I like to think I excel at fictional-recreations (building models based on fictional subjects that others have “created”), dynamic builds (ones that include some form of motion), and to some extent minifig design. I am also drawn to microbuilding...I don't claim to be “great” at any of these, just what I have demonstrated to myself if not anyone else as being the main subjects of my builds.

Notable MOCs:

Hammership (Best Airship Brickfiesta 2012): Fictional Recreation, Dynamic

Corellian Defender: Fictional Recreation, Custom Figs, Playabilty enhancements

Rolling Landscape (Nomination for “Technic” Brickfiesta 2012, submitted as a partner build with Aaron's Steampunk airship.) Dynamic, Microbuilding

Quidditch Orrery (Nomination for “Technic” Brickfiesta 2012): Dynamic

Ogre (of Steve Jackson Games): Fictional Recreation, Microbuilding

Korra & Mecha Tank: Fictional Recreation, Custom Figs: Link

Firefly figures and Vignettes: Fictional Recreation, Custom Figs: Link

Star Control ships and figs (Colaboration with “Crashsanders”): Fictional Recreation, Custom Figs
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