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17 Nov 2013
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My favorite theme is STAR WARS. With every penny I made, I would go to tru and buy whatevers on sale. Im a type of collecter who likes the old sets better then the ones they have now. My favorite set is the Marsmission claw tank. I aslo like TIME TRAVLERS and MARSMISSION. But when I saw those new MINIFIGURES, I just had to get them, so I have many extras. Mostly thou, its hard for a lego loving kid to get money for legos these days. When I see all these cool new sets that come out, I think " Yay! New sets! But then I see the price and think about how many more lawns I have to mow. Still, I enjoy this website a lot and all my buddies wonder how i always know which sets come out when and everything. So thanks HUW for doing this.

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