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Before November 2010
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28 Jan 2015
Lake Z├╝rich, Switzerland
LEGO interests:
Star wars LEGO. Basically I collect and display, but time permitting I also get a little MOC'ing done. Plus my son (10) and I like to build together, either pure fantasy or SW models.

The more I collect and build, the more fascinated I become with LEGO. If my wallet was bigger, or my boss more generous, I would certainly expand my interests into other themes rather than just SW. But sometimes priorities are a must...and I'm pretty happy with what I have anyway.

Update 2011: Now that my son is twelve, LEGO is no longer so interesting for him - electronics are the thing now. But I still enjoy my LEGO time, albeit alone.
My boss has become more generous :), so I've started dabbling in other themes like modulars, castle, train.

Update 2012: As my son is really into minecraft, had to get him the cuusoo set, and he loves it.
LOTR fever has hit, love the figures, sets are not bad.
Buying more & more from a family run toy store, means paying suggested retail prices but super service and giving my money to people I know rather than large retailers. Worth the sacrifice.
Use the double VIP points offer once a year and splurge (UCS & D2C sets) to rack up some points, which I will use to purchase the architecture series sets I like. Find it fascinating.

Update 2014: Wow. My love for LEGO just increases with time, and TLC certainly just keeps delivering some awesome stuff. My likes have spread to so many themes that space will become a problem at some point. Certainly hope to get back into MOCing this year after 4/5 years of just building official sets. Have plenty of spare parts, nicely sorted, just lying around ;-)
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