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Nicholas Joel
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Before November 2010
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16 Feb 2013
United States
Indiana, USA
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From the time of birth until I turned eight, my parents purchased about 80some-odd sets for me and my older brother. When I turned eight, I finally outgrew Legos, and moved on to other things. When I turned twelve, I became obsessed with action figures, spending every $ I got on them. One day, when I was thirteen, I was looking around on and found one of the old 'Adventurers' sets I once had. I went to eBay and bought it. Soon after, I was hooked on Legos, and since then, I've collected Star Wars, Clone Wars, Prince of Persia, Castle, Indiana Jones, Batman, and Bionicle sets. Right now, my favorite line is Star Wars classic. Second would be the Clone Wars, which isn't quite as good as Star Wars, but pretty close. My favorite set right now would have to be 'Temple Escape', from the Indiana Jones theme, and my favorite Bionicle is Gresh. One last thing: I absolutely HATE the new chinese plastic that they're using to make Legos. I really wish that my new sets wouldn't break so easy!
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