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Itsaturkey, Advocate777 (Xbox live profile)
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Before November 2010
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10 Jan 2015
United States
On the the computer or on the couch, or both :P Or in my bedroom writing or building.
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Hey, I'm itsaturkey.

I don't really have a first Lego set, I used my older bro's Lego's to make car planes piloted by a cowboy. I know, I know. Totally awesome right?
My first SW Lego set was the Mini At-At. It provided hours upon hours of play time (Gosh, little kids are so easy to please, give 'em a pile of pieces that looks like a baby cow and he'll be happy for hours) My favorite set is BY FAR the Cloud City!
I don't really play with my Lego's now, I mostly build\make scenes\make Lego movies, but even I still play with that thing! All those levers and switches, and who could forget the FOUR exclusive minifigs!
My Favorite themes are SW, Bionicle (Well, I USED to like Bionicle, until Lego made their GENIUS decision to end it) Hero Factory, and Aqua Raiders. My mom has been trying to get me to sell some of my Lego's for years now, but I've never had to heart to do so.
I'm a true and proud Halo nerd. And a COD MW fan and a C.S. Lewis fan. And to be honest, I have bought Halo MB's, which are actually not as bad as you'd think. Other then that theme I hate MB's.
I am in the Lego Message Boards, a Craftsman with about 800 posts in four months!
I like making Lego movies. I make 3D animations and music using GarageBand. I have written a Bionicle book/long short story following the story of MNOG from a first person view point. I am in the process of sending it to Lego so perhaps they could publish it and I could make millions...Just sayin'... :P It is about 80 pages.
I like music almost as much as Lego's, bands and composers such as, Coldplay, U2, Newsboys, Martin O'Donnell, Hans Zimmer (IMO The best action composer ever, everything he has done music for that I've seen has been great whether a game or movie) and OneRepublic.

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