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05 Feb 2011
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11 Apr 2014
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Texas, USA
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I'm a TFOL, and am mainly into Space/Sci-fi sorts of LEGO themes and sets. I'm a member of the LEGO Kids Inner Circle, and was an Alpha and Beta tester for LEGO Universe. I own most of the LEGO video games, excluding the licensed TT Games. I didn't really get into LEGO until 2001, when I got a box of LEGO bricks that my older brothers had "outgrown", mainly consisting of Classic Space, Forestmen, Pirates, and some Technic. My parents bought me several other LEGO sets later on, from Alpha Team, Life on Mars, and Town, mainly. I got a pack of LEGO games which contained games such as LEGO Island and LEGO Creator, which gave me an early boost on my LEGO game collection. From there, my collection kept growing, and around 2009 I started buying LEGO sets like mad, in bigger amounts then I had done before, mostly due to Agents and Space Police 3 (I was interested in themes like Dino Attack and Exo-Force, but didn't have the money to buy them when they were still on store shelves). I also hope to get some of the older Space sets off of eBay and Bricklink eventually. My other main hobby is 3D modeling, and I am currently working on a 3D fan-made LEGO game using Unity 3D. The game is based off of Time Cruisers, but this is mainly because time machines give me an excuse to pack in a ton of environments like Castle and Space side by side. I usually prototype the LEGO models for the game in LEGO Digital Designer using LEGO Universe Mode before replicating them in my modeling software, so I don't create a model that can't be built in real bricks. I'm a member of several LEGO forums, including BZPower, Rock Raiders United, and LEGO Uni.
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