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My dad bought me my first LEGO set before I was old enough to put it together (that was back in the early 80's) and I've been building ever since!

In the early 2000's there weren't many sets I was interested in - especially because of the juniorization. But when I saw the Cafe Corner, things changed.

My favorite themes are Trains, Pirates, and anything City/Town related.

I also really like the minor themes from the old days (like Western, Time Cruisers, Outback, Xtreme Team, Artic, etc.)

I bought my first licensed set in 2008 (Indiana Jones). Until that point I was boycotting licensed sets because they are much more expensive, and it sort of feels like Lego sold out. But I finally gave in - so I could add the minifigs to my collection and obtain some rare parts unavailable elsewhere.

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