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Jonathan Girdzis
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20 Oct 2011
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30 Jul 2012
United States
NY, United States
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Hello, my name is 43legoman43 (as from Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube). You can find lego creator, and city news, reviews, tutorials, and stop-motions. To stay up to date with all of these videos, you can subscribe to me on Youtube, follow me on Twitter, and like me on Facebook. I am on Facebook, and Youtube the most, and on Twitter several times a year.

Now that you know how to find me, I'll tell you why you should find me. I LOVE legos. Everything about them is awesome. You can: build countless models, you can review new sets, you can make your own sets, and review them (which is what a tutorial is), you can collect the minifigures, and my FAVORITE thing about them is brickfilms. A brickfilm is a video that uses lego minifigures to create stop-motion (which is the appearance of something moving, when actually, it's just dozens of pictures pushed together, that change so quickly, your eyes think that it's moving). I make dozens of short stop-motions, but only share my favorites on Youtube, and Facebook.

My favorite lego set series, is lego city, and my favorite set would have to be the first CITY set that I ever got; Lego City Corner. I got this set in the summer of 2009, at Target. The first lego set I got was a month before that, and it was the lego yellow beach house, and I got that too, at Target.

So don't forget: like, follow, and subscribe. :)
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