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Julien CROS
Member since:
22 Dec 2010
Last online:
28 Jan 2015
Toulouse, France
LEGO interests:
I'm an AFOL...
My favorite theme when i was a boy was the space...
A few years ago i was still in my dark age and one of my colleague was wearing a LEGO t-shirt and from that day i started to buy LEGO...
The first set was a pieces box for my daughter and an advent calendar. I've never stopped !!!
Now i spend 1500 euros per year in LEGO and maybe more i don't know exactly.

My favorite sets are the exclusivities 10XXX, and sometimes i buy one set or two of any collections when i like it... I have got many city sets, a few creator, monuments, Indiana jones, prince of persia, Harry Potter, Toy story...
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