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31 Jan 2015
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Tennessee, USA
LEGO interests:
My name is kaboomlegoman, but you can call me O DOG. :) My LEGO collection began with a certain Aquaraiders Tiger Shark Attack my grandpa got me for Christmas one year (I was 6 back then)! It was too hard for me to build, so it sat in a box on a shelf for a few months. I would take it down occasionally and build something AWESOME out of the parts. Eventually, I became interested in the BIONICLE line. That interest kept strong, and after a while, I had a whole plethora of BIONICLE dudes. Now I have tons of boxes of LEGO parts, all color-sorted (THAT took forever, trust me) and a one giant box of my old Bionicle sets. I became interested in HERO Factory for a spell, but now I think they suck. I will be selling them soon. Anyways, now that my LEGO story is over, I am a TFOL, and I have lost some of my interest in LEGO due to my new collecting of film scores. However, even then, I still love them, and my collection is ever growing. ;)

Favorite themes:
1. Lord of the Rings (the books and movies are excellent too, check them out)!
2. Space (the final frontier)
The other new themes are pretty much either too boring or too dumb (*cough*NINJAGO*cough*) that I don't really take account of them.

User names on other sites:
Lego.com: rahitamer8960
Minecraft: BionicleDino
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