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Karl Klint
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09 Dec 2010
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31 Dec 2014
United States
Minnesota, USA
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Hi All,

I am a college English instructor who sometimes uses LEGO in the classroom to expand writing and composition activities :)

I received my first Lego set around 1979 (advanced basic set 911 from 1976). I guess that set must have sat on the local store shelf for a few years?! Soon after, my favorite sets were the classic Space sets from the first 1/2 of the 1980s.

I played and built with LEGOs until about 1985, then I became too cool to hang out sith Zack, the Lego Maniac :/ Now, though, my interest has rekindled due to the mini-figures series, Lego Star Wars, and my wonderful niece who is also a lego maniac :)

I'm not a huge fan of collecting unopened sets. The boxes are neat, but whats inside is the true fun :) I do have a bunch of unopened mini-series packages though... mainly because I'll buy a bunch as I finish my set and then stop opening. I'm hoping to someday trade the extra figures for an older set I do not have.

Lego is amazing, but the only changes I ask of the LEGO mother ship is this, please expand the number of darker skinned and female lego figures to LEGO world. As I look through the 250 minifigures (I used pick-a-brick at to increase my female mini-figure numbers) I currently have more green army men figures then I do non-asian/caucasian mini-figures. Simple fix for this issue, make the pick-a-brick mini-fig assortment more diverse ;)

Ok, back to work so I can purchase more LEGO!
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