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The LMS Explorer (for those who know where to find it...)
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I've been a huge LEGO fan for ages, and I've collected more sets that I can imagine. I've always been more of a 1990's person, especially with LEGO. My first real set was the throwbot Granite, from there on, I've collected mostly Bionicle, Space, and Aquazone sets (though the newer stuff is sort of lacking, especially with all of the stickers!) I have recently been using the LDD program often, you can see my best creations at under krysto2002. I gave myself the name since my favorite space theme was Ice Planet 2002, and until last year, I had no idea the planet in the series was dubbed "Krysto", I found that out when I finally got a hold of the Deep Freeze Defender.
I did use to use other brands of blocks prior to LEGO, but in the end, the LEGO system worked best, since other products didn't connect well, fell apart, and were kind of ugly, thus my long LEGO-cy began!

In retrospect, I've been reviewing since 2008 and I can certainly say there's some deep reflection to be done. I plan on rewriting a number of reviews eventually, as many of them don't truly do much justice to the sets, or at least don't get my point across without sounding like an enraged teenager (which come to think of it might not have been far from the truth at the time).

As of late I have been tinkering with spare parts from large yard sale bins. For those lucky enough to find a Lego treasure trove, give it a try. Don't even bother mixing it in with your current collection, just dig in and see what you can make out of it.
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