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Indiana Jones; Seriously, I'm Harrison Ford
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29 Nov 2010
United States
Temple of Akatar...somewhere in the Jungle...close to Peru...
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Hi i'm Indiana Jones and I LOVE legos, you can tell from my username (lego12). I am also a member of Eurobricks(Lego12). My favorite themes are Star Wars, Castle, City, Western, Pirates and Indiana Jones. My favorite lego sets are the Ferrari F1 Racer 1:8 scale, my dad got it for me for Christmas, King's Castle Siege, Slave I , the Eiffel Tower, and Dwarve's Mine. My first lego set was 7409 Secret of the Tomb. I got it when I was turning 7 and I could never find it after I lost it. I still have the skeleton from the set. I have been collecting Lego for 3 years now. My most wanted sets would be the Death Star, and the Clone Wars sets(EXCEPT for the Twilight)! I have 65 lego sets, most of which are big! The most recent Lego set I have gotton is the Republic Gunship. Go to and type "lego12" and you can see my MOC's(still have to update it). By the way Lego's ROCK! :D Sorry for the unneccessary outburst.
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