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Loov'i Lukywalker
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Before November 2010
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24 Jan 2015
Neuchatel, Switzerland
LEGO interests:
Actually, I try to achieve my collection of Star Wars sets, except for the keychains and T-shirts. I miss only a few sets, and every year, I'm waiting for the news legos themes and Star Wars sets. I like the Mars Missions sets (I don't have all of them, but almost!), and find the new Star Police 3 very attractive.

The first lego set I remember is a police car (number 600), but I think I have older sets because of my brother.

I'm working on a project, the RS-Proteus VI, witch is a huge multifonctionnal spaceship. You can see the project and a part of ma collection at flickr

I'll try to send my work to the public gallery of Stay in touch!

I'm also working on a lego comic (like so much others), telling the story of Loov'i Lukywalker (as I wish it to be) and other famous (or not) people through the galaxy.

You can see a part of my work on Flickr, add a comment!
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