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Doug D
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Before November 2010
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18 Jan 2015
United States
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I pretty much stick to the Star Wars theme though the Indiana Jones and Batman themes did peak my interest a little. I played with Legos as a child and young teenager. When Star Wars Legos were introduced in 1999 I kept thinking, "Man I wished I had those when I was a kid." I went ahead and bought the Endor Speed Bikes and the X-Wing, put them together and put them in a box in my closet for a few years. After Episode II was released, I started to get teh itch again and tried to pacify myself with the mini sets - that only fueled the fire and since then I have built a pretty good collection. This is the first lego community that I have been involved in and it is a result of my being too excited about the new clone wars sets!
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