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Cam Strachan
Member since:
Before November 2010
Last online:
25 Feb 2012
United Kingdom
LEGO interests:
Mostly anything Space up to the more recent stuff. Not keen on the aliens/Iceplanet/Space Police 3/Miners sets. I prefer the older classic stuff up til around the Blacktron 2 era.

I do own several sets, and my collection mostly consists of Castle and Pirate lego, garnered from a massive 17kg joblot my lovely partner got me for my Christmas! I do, however, own several small sets from classic Space through to Town lego and smaller 'free' packs from newspapers. Needless to say, our children will have to fight me for the chance to play with any of it :P

Most of my 'I want' list, as far as Town is concerned, are all sets I had as a kid, and stupidly got rid of. I'm slowly rebuilding what I once had. Of all the sets I 'want', top of the list is 6781 SP - Striker. It was far and away my favourite set as a kid.

For those of you that have not seen his work, check out www.reasonablyclever.com for some really cool builds, and some witty dialogue from the bloke that runs it. It is a must for any fan of Firefly!
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