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stefano stanghellini
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Before November 2010
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16 Jan 2015
padova, italy
LEGO interests:
born in the 1975, now i'm married and i live with three dogs.
got lots of lego when i was a kid, after the year 1986 i suddenly stopped to buy lego sets.
in the beginning of the year 2008, by mistake, i opened the web page of eric brok , and i saw one of his wonderful creation. i don't know what happened, but suddenly i felt the need to have my lego back!
after few weeks, i have been able to found back and divide in boxes, almost all the lego parts i have (still have to finish though)
thanks to internet, i found brickset, peeron and bricklink and they all helped me to reorganize everything. i have been very happy to realize i almost have all the parts, and even some more i could not even remember.
i started then to buy the new indiana jones and the new star wars sets from stores and the older ones through bricklink and ebay and i have been able to collect most of those sets.
now i'm hoping that my lego passion will not fell again in the "black hole"!
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