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Bill Murphy
Member since:
16 Feb 2012
Last online:
26 Jan 2015
United States
Queens, NYC, USA
LEGO interests:
Star Wars, Monster Fighters, Ambulances, Master Builder Academy, Superheroes. I'm a New York City Paramedic AFOL & member of I LUG NY, back in the game for a year or so, cursed and blessed to live way too close to a lot of places that sell LEGO. I stumbled out of my dark ages after meeting a friend for dinner & a movie last year, she was the assistant manager of a store on the other side of the mall the Lego store is in, but I didn't know that. She suggested we go to the food court so we could get to the movie on time and I couldn't walk past the Lego store without going in. A few weeks later I bought the brick calendar & logo magnet... then the new Ambulance #4431 came out and I bought that. Fast forward 2 months and I've found Brickset & a bunch of other AFOL sites. I win a contest that I get to go to FAO Schwarz before it opens and get a gift card... put that towards 8097 Slave I and 2 weeks later I'm buying the whole Jan 2012 SW wave! Luckily I fell in with an awesome LUG and met great people, I set a goal of displaying a MOC in the Lego Store LUG display window and was able to do that, as well as taking part in an INCREDIBLE! 60 foot long display at New York Comic Con in Oct. 2012, which was seen by tens of thousands of NYCC's 100k+ visitors! I'm active on From Bricks To Bothans and Toys N Bricks as well as Brickset... Today is Nov 17th and I bought my first modular building at the Pre-Black Friday Lego VIP event this morning. This is gonna get better right? =-D You can find me on twitter @murphquake and just about everywhere else with the same name.
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