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Nathaniel Vila
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Before November 2010
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11 Mar 2012
United States
New York Bronx USA
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Hi I'm Nathaniel and I think Lego is the greatest toy in the world! I got my first Lego set when I was 2 years old. My first Lego was 7146 Original TIE fighter.My dad built it for me but I destroyed it...then in 2004 I had to go to a family reunion in Delaware and I visited Wal-Mart and I saw 4843 Spiderman's Street Chase and I got it. Finally in 2006 my classmate(you may know him as legocolecter abu h919)told me more about Lego.That year I got the A-wing and then the TIE interceptor.I have been on Brickset since June 24,2008. I'm also a Star Wars fan and a Teen Fan Of Lego. My favorite themes are Star Wars, City, Pharoh's Quest, and Kingdom. My favorite set is The ARC 170 Fighter(clonewars). I currently own 78 lego sets and I have 165 minifigures. I also have a mocpages account (check the link below).
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