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I have loved legos ever since i was about 6. I actually hated legos when I was 2 but no one would guess that about me now. My first lego set was this set I actually can't find here on brickset but I am still looking. I love almost all legos with the exeption of Spounge Bob and Avatar. My favorite theme is Star Wars but I like ALL legos(enspecially the new space police sets). I also like modular houses though I can't afford any of them. I build a lot but i don't have a brickshelf or mocpages account yet. I also build with LDD a lot when I want to build something ENORMOUSLY HUGE or use peices I don't have. I have a Lego NXT and have been on three different FLL teams for three years. I am also working on some brickfilms and found that building movie sets is really fun.
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